Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Added support for screen fading, one of the easier bits of the PPU to emulate! In the CPU core, I fixed a bug with the TCS / TSC opcode; the 16-bit accumulator needed to be transferred to/from the stack pointer ignoring the status of the memory flag. I already knew this, but implemented it incorrectly. Oops. Now Ghosts N Ghouls runs further, before hitting an unimplemented opcode. Lots of commercial ROMs now start, but really need sprites implemented to play!

Sprites will be the next aspect of the PPU I emulate. Then, a few titles should be playable. A number of people have contacted me to ask when I'll release JSnes. I think there will be a release in a couple of months, once I've stabilised the emulator somewhat. This might be sooner, but no promises.

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