Monday, March 15, 2004

Well, a short time without an update, but I've been hacking away. I researched offet-per-tile mode, which can be used in Modes 2, 4 and 6 by the Snes. Implementing this proved tricky, as no documentation exists on it, and quite a few emulators don't support it. Further to this, the game doctor I ordered didn't work and is being sent back for repair, so I couldn't run any tests on hardware. Bah!

The main problem I ran into with offset-per-tile is that my current line-by-line engine wasn't good enough to support it properly. If I'd realised this functionality existed when I'd started coding, I could have done things differently from the outset. As it was, most of my graphics rendering code needed a rewrite.

Anyway, offset-per-tile now seems to be working correctly in all but one demo I've tried. I'm sure there's more bugs to find.

I also improved the sound skipping code, which means the Infinity demo now runs. I also fixed directPageIndirect addressing, which fixed problems in the Super Mario Allstars + World double pack and a PD demo.

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