Friday, January 28, 2005

- Fixed a problem in the CPU core with the RTI instruction, (switching the Accumulator to and from 8 and 16 bits after popping the status register from the stack). Solved graphical corruption and problems in loads of games, including Contra 3:

- Bugfixed HDMA support, fixing a bunch of Commercial ROMs (Zool, Turrican 2 etc.).

- Corrected some SRAM mirroring issues, meaning Mario Allstars passes the protection check. Not entirely convinced I've nailed SRAM yet, as there are some other issues...

- Added HIROM support. Probably buggy for now, but good enough to get a decent number of titles running.

- Added a bunch of new opcodes. Roughly 230 out of 255 opcodes are now implemented. I add them as I come across ROMs using them, which helps prevent silly bugs.

- Thanks to the Snes9x forum for helping out with a couple of issues. Who knows, we might see a source code release in a few months.

As usual, if you can help out, please contact me.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered looking at source code for ZSNES or SNES9X and simply porting over the superb code? Unless this is simply an exercize in coding, which is totally cool. Keep up the good fight.

Chris said...

I've used some existing code for reference, where documentation is poor. However, it's also just a bit of fun and experimentation - so I'm not directly porting an existing emulator.

Anonymous said...

I love your idea of a Java Snes Emulator, but I can't find the actual files ANYWHERE, I have searched all around, And I would GREATLY appreciate a little help to where I can get your emulator.


Do you have it in a applet form for a website, I have a geo cities website right now and I'd like to put up Super Mario World 2 for SNES on my website and I need a java applet emulator to do that. Thank you SO MUCH, and YOU ROCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, JohnnyC again, I read on a page that you were releasing it OpenSource License which is awesome once you are satisfied. Not shure when your going to be satisified, but I would REALLY love to help you out, beta test, I have litterally near every SNES rom in existence (including all languages), downloaded them from some huge collector which actually had a list of like 10,000+ different roms (every variation thereof), and I'd like to help you out. Testing out things and tweaking, etc... If it even works for one game partially it's enough for me ;)

Thanks again, I guarantee you that if you release a beta version I could test, it will NOT get out to anyone, I'm not a jerk like that or anything, it will stay with me only, unless you want otherwise ;)

I saw JavaGear, I think I tested it out before (not sure), but the one I used was pretty sweet.

(Just wondering, have you ever heard of a Macromedia Flash emulator for Snes or is that not even possible? Flash is alot 'smoother' than Java in my mind for some reason, but Java still rocks! )

Thanks again and expect your email soon~!
JohnnyC[AT] said...

Hi Chris, I run We host several other emulators, NES, SMS, GB, arcade and others coming soon. Would you be interested in adding JSNES to the list?

Chris said...

Thanks for the comments.

JSnes is a personal project, which I develop during moments of free time (somewhat limited at this time).

At the moment, despite running a reasonable number of basic commercial titles, it is not optimised and not really in a state ready for general use.

It will be released (eventually), but there's still a fair amount to be done!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, It's JohnnyC[AT] again.

How's the project comming? Just thought I'd check in, I'm really anxious to see it and get it up and running on a website.

I hope all is well and you've found some time to make progress and it hasn't become a dead project, I'd really like to help out if you want, anything to speed up the release, even if it only partially works on SOME or fewer games, it's better than the nothing I have now...


Anonymous said...

Chris, my friend, how is the project coming along?

This is JohnnyC[AT] again, just checking in, it's been like 5 months since your last post/reply, I'm wondering is the project still alive or is it dead or what's up?

I'd really like to talk to you so if you can please email me back, that would be tight, I think i've tried emailing you multiple times, no replies.

I'm really interested in the project and how's it coming and more details I'd like to discuss in private.

Please contact me at your earliest convinence.

I'd be really cool if your done with it and will release it soon, I just get the real feeling you gave up due to lack of time and what not, and the project is dead since you haven't updated in 5 months, however I hope I am very much mistaken and it would be tight if it's ready for release.

marcelo camanho said...

hey man.. this is really interesting and seems to be progressing nice (or was since you hadnt posted in a while).. why dont you create a project at sourceforge? i 'd be happy to help you with it.. I work as a software engineer and i m making a j2me gameboy emulator..

Marcelo Camanho

yoyofr said...

Hi, if you need some help in snes technical areas or coding, let me know.
I've ported/rewritten/optimized snes9x for handhelds (gp32, palm, psp), you can check at

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm actually working on a Snes EMU based in .NET Framework. I'm having framerate issues so I was wondering (since the platforms are more or less alike) how was your performance and BTW, how do you emulate flags??

Michael said...

Hey Chris! How's the project coming along? I kinda figured slowly since the lack of updates. But hope everything is coming along and try to keep us updated if you can!

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Anonymous said...

Hey dude, where I can download it?
And do you think in put it on a applet like the ?

Anonymous said...


Michael Long said...

Hey Chris, Any updates? Just wondering how things are coming along.

Clovis T. said...

Jemu2 webstart doesnt work with my jre1.6 update 3 on Windows XP SP2.
Error on permission for nativelib (gl)

Zer said...

I really want to port your emulator to j2me, and optimize your source code, please realese it in sourceforge,