Sunday, October 16, 2011

Minor Updates & Translation Request

Thanks to, I've managed to acquire a number of OutRun related goodies in the past few months. I've updated the VHS and laserdisc page with some screenshots and a link to a downloadable copy of the gameplay DVD.

I'm also looking for someone to assist in translating a number of Japanese texts, most importantly Yu Suzuki's Gameworks book. If you can help, please comment below. I'm willing to pay to have a decent translation done.

Update: Translation now in progress.


Supper said...

I can't help you with translation myself, but GlitterBerri has translated a lot of similar material. A few months back she was looking for commissions, although I can't find any information on her site about it now. If she's still open for business, she'll probably give you a good price on whatever you need done.

Also, I love your project and it doesn't get the attention it deserves. Good luck getting the rest of the code ported.

yt said...

Cool. I'll drop her a line.

Glad you're enjoying the blog. Going to restart the C++ translation again soon. Currently working on the differences between the Rev A and original romset.

C64 said...

I think I can help if you didn't solve meanwhile, I have work experience with games and Japanese language. I'm a retrogaming aficionado of course! ;)

(just comment and I'll get a notification in my inbox)

yt said...

@C64 - sounds good!

Can you drop me a line here:

And then we can arrange something :)