Monday, December 31, 2012

Japanese Track Support

The original Japanese release of OutRun had different track layouts to the final Western release. Overall, the game is tougher with sharper unforgiving hills, and more aggressive turns. 

This selection of tracks is less polished; Coconut Beach is nowhere near as rich in terms of design and the overall difficulty curve doesn't feel as good. 

However, it's great to see the evolution of the track design between versions. And Gateway has some cool twists and turns that were removed due to it becoming an easier stage in the Western version. 

The next Cannonball release will optionally allow you to play both versions of the game. It needs a little more testing (i.e. playing) before it's safe to release. 

Devil's Cannon is known as Walls in the Japan version. The layout and sky colour are different.

Japanese Course Map

Japanese Coconut Beach. Not as cool as the final version.

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d from Shmups said...

Wow another feature. Cool.
Thanks for the info about the differences between japan and world.