Wednesday, April 09, 2014

CannonBoard Motion Control

In between changing nappies, I've had a small amount of time to work on the software side of CannonBoard. We're starting to get full motion control working with the sitdown cabinet.

The below video shows Colin demonstrating his OutRun cabinet connected to the Cannonboard interface. Currently the Arduino is running a ported version of the motor calibration code. This shows the interface is working and we'll be able to control the motor hardware from a PC running CannonBall.

In addition to this, we've verified that the previous work on the controls works via the original cabinet. It's a bit tricky to demonstrate though as the monitor output is to the PC currently.

My next steps are to finish the in-game motion control code and ensure the cabinet is moving correctly with the interface. Then controls and movement will be proven.

Colin is working on a version of the interface that removes the Arduino entirely. He is also working on the cabinet audio hardware interface. 

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Dbn Poldermans said...

Thanks for the videos. That was awesome to watch. I wouldn't mind seeing more videos of testing.
Colin almost got crushed by the hydraulics, be careful.
Would be great to carefully mod the cabinet and put a bigger widescreen display in it to play cannonball in widescreen.