Thursday, August 30, 2018

CannonBall comes to the Nintendo Wii

CannonBall was recently ported to the Nintendo Wii by Wuerfel_21 of IRQ Interactive!

She writes, "You may ask why one would want to port to such an irrelevant system. The answer being the possibility of arcade-perfect 240p video output."

The port also runs at a full 60 fps and supports GameCube controllers.

The port and source code can be found here.


gon said...

do not work on hdmi or what am i doing wrong?
it does work on composite out

yt said...

Can't help you on the various cannonball ports I'm afraid. I no longer own a Wii myself so haven't tried it out.

Wuerfel_21 said...

Are you using a Wii U or one of those HDMI converter dongles? The former, i do not own to test, the latter are known to cause various issues. Try running SNES9X GX in "Original" mode and see if that works. If it doesn't, your setup doesn't support 240p video.

Enderandrew said...

So the last Windows binary release was 2014 but there have been some fixes since then. Could you release a new Windows version?


yt said...

There haven't been any core engine changes since 2014, so little point releasing a new binary. I'd like to get back to CannonBall development at some point, but it's just one of many hobby projects for me.

sega19 said...

Would love to see it ported to work with RetroArch, if it hasn't already.