Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cannonball 0.15 - Time Trial Mode

Time trial mode is here. Here's how it works:

Select TIME TRIAL from the main menu. Choose the number of laps you want to race for. You can select the maximum amount of traffic you want on-screen at any time. You can also disable traffic completely, so it's purely you and the race track with no random elements.

Select the track you want to race by pressing left or right. The lap time in the bottom left shows your best time for the selected track. The course map screen is reused as an attractive level select:

And we're off. You're reminded of the time you have to beat when you start the stage. Normal scoring has been replaced with a counter that represents the number of vehicles you've overtaken. 

In the screenshot below you can see I've just started my third lap of the track, and achieved the best time. Yay. You'll notice that the lap times you've achieved so far are shown top right. I wonder where I got the idea for that?

After the final lap, you're presented with some nice (or useless depending on your point of view) stats:

Both the Japan and World tracks are playable in this way. Each set of tracks have their own unique times. 

I also added a config.xml option to toggle some of the bugs and a music test menu. In the original service mode (which isn't ported yet), Last Wave can't be selected, but now you can.

Please report any bugs below. I changed some of the core code to implement the time trial mode. Hopefully I didn't break anything too badly in the process.

Update (15th Jan): Fix for redefine keys not working.

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