Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sega Enhanced [No Longer Supported]

Please note the latest version, OutRun: Enhanced Edition v2 is now available from here. I will leave this old version up for reference only. Please consider it no longer supported. 

This pack contains a collection of enhancements to original SEGA arcade games from the 1980s. It is intended to be used to reprogram the original hardware. Please note that no portions of the original game code are included in this package.

This software is free to use, but not to be sold or used in a commercial product or activity (i.e. do not sell programmed EPROMs on eBay!) For full details please read the license included in the package. 

The following titles are supported:
  • OutRun
  • Space Harrier
  • Super Hang-On
  • Limited Edition Hang-On

OutRun Enhancements:
  • High score saving using existing RAM (no hardware modification required)
  • Improved freeplay mode with attract; press start to begin
  • Music is played during the music selection (radio dial) screen
  • Dipswitch-selectable "MPH" / "km/h" speed display
  • Sound Test: Last Wave added
  • Initial Entry improvements and bugfixes

OutRun Bug-fixes:

Super Hang-On Enhancements:
  • Improved free play mode with attract; press START button to begin

Space Harrier Enhancements:
  • Patch Space Harrier to run on Enduro Racer Hardware. 

Compatibility, programming and installation instructions can be found in the documentation. 

I'd like to thank Darren Finck and Adrian Smethurst  for contributing to this project and for providing hardware testing. 

Older OutRun specific online documentation here.