Saturday, April 04, 2015

Hantarex MTC 900E

I'm posting this here for anyone restoring a Hantarex MTC 900E monitor with the PE 07 input board.

This input board requires a different set of capacitors to some of the existing cap-kits available on the internet.

PE 07 Input Board Capacitors:

C4 10uF 50V
C5 10uF 50V
C6 10uF 50V
C7 100uF 25V
C8 100uF 25V
C9 100uF 25V
C11 330uF 200V
C18 4.7uF 16V
C19 4.7uF 16V
C20 4.7uF 16V
C21 10uF 50V
C22 10uF 50V
C25 47uF 50V
C27 10uF 50V
C29 10uF 50V
C36 22uF 40V
C38 10uF 16V
C39 10uF 50V
C83 47uF 50V

Note: some max working voltages have been increased. For example, the original C4 was 16V working.

For those wondering what I'm upto at the moment, I'm still restoring my OutRun cabinet. Follow the thread here