Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Sega Enhanced (formerly OutRun Enhanced Edition)

The OutRun Enhanced Edition pack has evolved and is now a multi-pack supporting additional Sega titles. Adrian Smethurst created a patch for Super Hang-On and Limited Edition Hang-On to improve free play mode.

Originally, with free play mode selected by the dip switches, the game would never enter attract mode. It immediately went to the class selection screen when a game was over. If unattended, it would time out and go to the music selection screen. If still unattended, it would time out and start a game; the game (and music) would play until the game timer expired, after which the cycle would start again at the class selection screen.

Improved free play mode DOES allow attract mode (no automatic credit is given). To begin a game in free play mode, simply press the START button whenever it is flashing. This "coins up" the game, and proceeds to the class selection screen.

In addition, the OutRun Enhanced patches can now be applied to the original Japanese rom set with the alternate track layouts.

The patches to run Enduro Racer on the Space Harrier hardware are also included for convenience.

Download the package from here