Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Level Select

Yesterday proved a little more fun. Whilst debugging the slave road CPU code, I figured out how to change the level order in OutRun. Using this, you could easily make a level select. Also found a way to have the road data from one level, with the object data from another. It doesn't always work, but does allow you to make some interesting permutations. Some level data for Stage 1 is also hardcoded, but when I finally rewrite the engine in C, this will be trivial to solve.


Joshua DeWald said...

Fascinating stuff man. Keep plugging away. Almost makes me want to go back to work on my own Java-based SNES emulator.

yt said...

The interesting thing about the OutRun levels, and I haven't fully debugged the level format yet, is that you can make changes to the road data (e.g. the direction, width, camber of the road) and the scenery will adapt itself automatically.

Which should make a future level editor of some description quite straight forward.... well maybe anyway!

Joshua DeWald said...

Wow. it was definitely a cool game, intriguing to see how "smart" it was as well without them having to hardcode everything about the level + scenery at design-time.