Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sega Enhanced [No Longer Supported]

Please note the latest version, OutRun: Enhanced Edition v2 is now available from here. I will leave this old version up for reference only. Please consider it no longer supported. 

This pack contains a collection of enhancements to original SEGA arcade games from the 1980s. It is intended to be used to reprogram the original hardware. Please note that no portions of the original game code are included in this package.

This software is free to use, but not to be sold or used in a commercial product or activity (i.e. do not sell programmed EPROMs on eBay!) For full details please read the license included in the package. 

The following titles are supported:
  • OutRun
  • Space Harrier
  • Super Hang-On
  • Limited Edition Hang-On

OutRun Enhancements:
  • High score saving using existing RAM (no hardware modification required)
  • Improved freeplay mode with attract; press start to begin
  • Music is played during the music selection (radio dial) screen
  • Dipswitch-selectable "MPH" / "km/h" speed display
  • Sound Test: Last Wave added
  • Initial Entry improvements and bugfixes

OutRun Bug-fixes:

Super Hang-On Enhancements:
  • Improved free play mode with attract; press START button to begin

Space Harrier Enhancements:
  • Patch Space Harrier to run on Enduro Racer Hardware. 

Compatibility, programming and installation instructions can be found in the documentation. 

I'd like to thank Darren Finck and Adrian Smethurst  for contributing to this project and for providing hardware testing. 

Older OutRun specific online documentation here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these blog updates - good to hear from you again.

andys-arcade said...

The original pcb reports ram location IC55 bad when in fact IC54 can be totally out of circuit.. is this issue addressed?

yt said...

Andy: No.

If you can send me the correct mapping, I will get a new version up.

andys-arcade said...

All i know right now is that IC55 will report bad, when in fact its a faulty or missing IC54 for definite.. Rev A romset and Rev A pcb.

I would need to do some poking around to verify all the other ram locations, not a trivial task...

Unknown said...

i think there is an error in your text file (outrun.txt), the CRC's for 'epr-10381b.132' and 'epr-10382b.118' are wrong (should be swapped with each other)

4. Generating the new ROMs

+ Input files

You will need the following original "Out Run (sitdown/upright, Rev B)"
ROMs to patch:

epr-10380b.133 (CRC: 0x1f6cadad)
epr-10381b.132 (CRC: 0xc4c3fa1a)
epr-10382b.118 (CRC: 0xbe8c412b)
epr-10383b.117 (CRC: 0x10a2014a)

Place these files in the 'rominjector\in' subdirectory. Name them as above.

yt said...

Cool. I'll correct that next time round. It shouldn't affect anything with regard to the patch.

Unknown said...

hi again i was bored so smoothed your banner a bit :p

yt said...

That's cool, but scanlines don't scale well to different screen sizes (mobile) - so can't really make use of it on the site :(

I need to replace it with a hi-res version from Cannonball at some stage :)

sega19 said...

Have you thought about create a mod for Turbo Outrun to use the music from Outrun? would it be possible?

yt said...

Possible but not easy... not something I'm planning.

Eric C. said...

Any chance that you can make a patch for the original version (aka the Japanese version for us here in Japan)? Revision A and B are known as the World versions here.

yt said...

I'm not planning to extend this to support the Japanese version at the moment.

I am planning support for the Japanese roms with the track editor though :)

Unknown said...

Hi! This patcher doesn't seem to apply to the percussion ROM (opr-10188.71), even though there is a patch file for it..

The .java source doesn't seem to make any mention of said file, which makes the executable completely ignore it. Unfortunately, I don't have a Java compiler to try and remedy the situation myself.

yt said...

@Svetlana Tovarisch:

From the docs:

Please note that the only way to patch the audio ROM is with bspatch.

Good luck.

Luca said...

SuperHangOn EPR10885.117 is not present on MAME...
Let me know

RetroRic said...

Great piece of work here man, really appreciate it.

I'm having trouble running the game with patched files though, keeps coming up saying

cannot open rom: epr-10381a.132
epr-10318b132 has incorrect checksum.

it says this for all 4 patched files, I couldn't tell if they are working or not though as the game runs.

yt said...

jthjfgj - What are you trying to do with the roms and where are you getting the error message from?

These roms aren't intended to be used with Cannonball, but played on original hardware...

Cannonball uses the original roms, with the exception of the audio rom which can be used.

Unknown said...

There doesn't seem to be any instructions in the read L me on how to use this package with the Japanese version of Outrun. I tried it with the DX ROM set but this is still the overseas map layout. Appreciate any advice!

yt said...

胡裕如 - For OutRun DX, use the bspatch files for now... it looks like I didn't update the rominjector files correctly.

American Gopnik said...

I'm probably doing something wrong, but...
C:\Users\Desktop\Desktop\New folder\rominjector>java RomInjector outrun_patch.exe
RomInjector: Read rom information... outrun_patch.exe (The system cannot find the file specified)
at Method)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at RomInjector.getTextContents(
at RomInjector.readRomInformation(
at RomInjector.main(

Unknown said...

i cant patch the file, the tutorial is very incompplete for newbies like me... how do i run the java code?

or can someone patch me the files for Super hang on and send them to my email please?

Unknown said...

Hi will you update The pack whit the freeplay fix for afterburner soon? Please.

yt said...

I'm working on a full release for AfterBurner: New Music, High Score Saves, Freeplay Mode & More. Expect it in the coming months.

Unknown said...

Hi i have the protected version of super hang on, can i use this fix on it?

Unknown said...

Hi, I have the OutRun Deluxe sit down version rev b - Europe. Any plans to provide compatibility? Would be very much appreciated since this is my sons favorite game (2,5 years old :) humming the splash wave tune all days along)

yt said...

It already works on OutRun Deluxe. :)

Super Hang On Protected - you would need to convert the boardset to a vanilla 68k, get that working first and then program the new eproms accordingly.

Unknown said...

Documentation states in outrun.txt bullet in chapter 5: " 4/ Out Run (deluxe sitdown) - Not Compatible". Please update!

yt said...

You've misinterpreted the documentation. It references 'ROM versions', not machine types. You're patching a ROM, so need to know which source versions you can patch.

Deluxe Sitdown is the MAME naming of a particular ROM set (aka the Japanese original release). Yes, it's a bit confusing but I am keeping consistency with MAME to avoid confusion.

Compatibility with various ROM versions is as follows:

1/ Out Run (Revision B) - Compatible (tested on hardware)
2/ Out Run (Revision A) - Compatible (tested in MAME)
3/ Out Run (Original) - Compatible (SEE NOTE BELOW; tested in MAME)
4/ Out Run (deluxe sitdown) - Not Compatible
5/ Out Run (bootleg) - Not Compatible

Steven said...

Can the patched Revsion B roms be run on Revision A hardware? I've patched and burned the b roms to eproms, and verified the checksum burned to the patched versions and they are the same. yet when I put them into a revision A board (what my outrun mini has) the screen comes up garbled.

Any ideas?

Brian King said...

Hey Steven, did you have any luck? I believe I'm in the same boat. I just picked up an Outrun that at first glance appears to be Revision A. I'm a bit confused as to if I will need to burn everything over to Revision B, test my game, and then try to apply Enhanced to it, or if I can just modify those 4 roms. Sounds like in your case it didn't work?

Brian King said...

Nevermind, just got around to it and it seems to work fine. Thanks for the awesome mod! Loving the better working attract mode and the preview of the songs on the song select!

Retrorepairaustralia said...

Hi Steven, I've been waiting to try this for years! Finally got an Outrun on the bench and the 4 patched program ROMs work perfectly, but I'm not sure the patch for the audio ROM is working. I'm using bspatch for all the files, and the process (bspatch opr-10188.71 opr-10188.71f patch-opr-10188.71) completes normally, but the output file is identical to the original file. Could you check if the patch file still works in the current download?

yt said...

Thanks for notifying me about the regression with the 2.0.3 release. It's now updated with the correct audio patch file. Please download again :)

Ebinsugewa said...

Did the Super Hangon test ROM ever get posted anywhere? Thanks!

yt said...

Nope, I never completed the Super HangOn test ROM, so I haven't released it. Next up is OutRun Enhanced Edition v2, landing in a few months time.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the awesome work. Are there any plans on making a kit for Turbo Outrun?
I have both an outrun cabaret and a turbo outrun cabaret would be fantastic with highscore save and free play on both.

Famille Olivier said...


What a fantastic work !

I'm a great fan of this game,

A Real pleasure to see all those bugs fixes!

Just a question,

Where Can i find old enhanced version with "extra settings" in dip settings?

Thx for your help! ;)

yt said...

Re: Turbo OutRun. No plans to work on that, I'm not a big fan of the game and rarely play it.

@Famille Olivier. The version you refer to is the new version, not the old version. It's here:

Famille Olivier said...

@yt : thx for your support.

I registre my demande to obtain those files.

Wait for your mail ;)