Saturday, September 10, 2011

Turbo OutRun Boardset

I picked up a Turbo OutRun boardset this week. Unlike OutRun, Sega decided to mount the board in a protective cage. The cage has its own internal wiring as shown below. 

The board was in very good condition, it didn't look the cage had ever been opened. The original serial (or selial) stickers were intact:

The board is still fitted with its original FD1094 suicide processor. I'm shocked that some of these are still working 22 years on! The white sticker on the processor reads: SEGA 317-0106.

Here's a closeup of the connections, for my own reference:

And here we have it running on the wiring harness made by RetroClinic. I took the board out of the cage to plug it in.

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