Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OutRun Conversion Update

I haven't written about the OutRun conversion to C++ for some time. That's because I put it on hold whilst I focused on the anniversary edition, amongst other projects. Having a break was sensible and necessary, as it's such intense work.

Compared with other 68k conversions I've worked on professionally, this is much tougher, due to the sheer complexity and in some cases poor quality of the original code. Even after a first draft, a huge amount of refactoring will be needed so that the codebase can be extended.

Things are slowly coming together. Don't hold your breath whilst waiting for this; I'm doing it at a very steady pace. I've taken a screenshot of my desktop, which shows that much of the level data is now being parsed. Underlying this, many of the sprite rendering routines are ported. I've included a MAME screenshot for comparison so you can see what's currently missing. 


Anonymous said...

Handy how that IDA environment converts and displays the actual labels. (IE: A5 custom register and address locations). Or was that something you implemented?

Makes tracing easier.

yt said...

You have to manually assign any label as you figure out what the address or register does. IDA doesn't guess anything as such.