Sunday, January 06, 2013

Time Trial Mode

I'm working on a time trial mode. Choose any track, choose the number of laps and aim to achieve the fastest lap time! I'm also going to record other stats, including the number of overtakes. Here's a screenshot:

This is a genuinely new mode, focusing on track mastery as opposed to linear progression and the first small step towards taking Cannonball in a new gameplay direction.

Suggestions welcome in the comments, although aiming to keep the scope of this first project manageable in order to have something released this month. 


Unknown said...

What about a random order track?, or maybe random sky.

d from Shmups said...

Wow, you keep amazing us.
This is really amazing and allows you to practice certain stages
What Fran Cisco said.
What about a way to race through all 15 tracks in one game, like OutRun2!
Linking all tracks must be extremely difficult.

yt said...

Linking the tracks is the easy bit :)

Actually handling all the edge cases around a new game mode is the more tricky bit.

I've finished the in-game stuff, but need to tie it all together with a nice front-end and add a lot of polish, then tidy the code up.

I'm going to enable you to use the Course Map screen as the level select screen if that makes sense. So it will be nice and visual.

In theory we could do all 15 tracks and lots of other stuff. The (random) skys the limit.

ptitSeb said...

That looks great !
And with Ghost Car, to compete against your best score (but that also mean that there is controled random in the traffic).

yt said...

Eventually I want to allow you to race your actual performance. :)

But a partial step could be a fake ghost car that just works on your lap time as you suggest.

matt said...

Awesome idea.