Saturday, March 16, 2013

Road Width Editing

Road width editing is complete and working. Technically what you edit is the degree of separation between the two roads. The hardware overlaps the two roads, creating the illusion of one wide road. 

Therefore, it's nice and easy to split and rejoin the road into two lanes. 

Not the most exciting thing to look at, at the moment. But you see where this is going. Next on the list is height editing I reckon... 


d from Shmups said...

Awesome news
Is there a limit to how wide the road can be?
I would love a track with 7 lanes and long really sharp turns and going up and down.
Any new teaser screenshots?

yt said...

The two roads themselves do not change in width (3 lanes each). What you change is the degree of separation between them.

So, for example, when the lanes initially merge on Coconut Beach, that's the widest the lanes can be.

I don't think additional screenshots would be very interesting at this early stage :)