Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LayOut - Complete Level Video

Here's a video showing a (not very playable) level I made whilst testing and bug fixing.

Click here to watch at full quality on youtube.


Obiwantje said...

Thanks for sharing - your work is simply amazing, you'll be the reason that I'll have to buy an out-run cab!

LopezTheEternaut said...

I mean it for the anthusiasm you are showing, and sharing with people like me who always loved this great game.
Playing cannonBall is a far cry from playing OutRun on MAME: it's like listening to a remastered old recording or watching a restored classic movie, but with renewed emotions (the time trial mode is actually a brilliant idea).
Keep it up! I'm looking forward to seeing LayOut on the job!

geoslake said...

Amazing, cant wait to create my own shitty tracks :)
Thanks for the hard work !

yt said...

Thanks for the comments. There are few other exciting things on the horizon beyond LayOut too.

I might still be working on OutRun in another 25 years at this rate ;-)

Taggsta said...

Awesome Chris, it's like a dream for OutRun fans. It will be great to see what people can come with( Perhaps there can be somewhere for people to share the creations!)

yt said...

Yes, I will probably create a page of the best tracks. I'm also planning on setting up a forum in an attempt to help people. I might even have to be friendly in it. I'm also writing a manual, which is possibly the most boring thing I've ever done! :-D

This editor is a nightmare though. I keep thinking I'm nearly done, then realise the functionality I was holding back for Version 2 actually needs to be in this version.

Right now I'm working on functionality to edit the 'track split area' between levels. I realised that simply using the default in-built version wasn't an option if you'd changed the scenery attached to the project.