Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dynamite Dux: Easter Egg

Yes following the LayOut launch, I'm on a roll today. I'm not a big fan of Dynamite Dux, it's one of the weaker AM2 titles from the late 80s. However, knowing it was coded by Satoshi Mifune (aka Bin Chan), I knew there might be some goodies locked away waiting to be found.

This is one of the best AM2 extras I've found. It's an oldskool demo sequence with caricatures of the team.

To activate the sequence, you need to complete the game. On the Congratulations screen, hold player 2 start and press Player 1 start exactly 15 times.

I've uploaded a video of the complete sequence to youtube here.


Dave Wellington said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing. These are my favourite posts :)

OptimusPrime said...

I don't understand, that sequence has been know for several years now. You can check the ending on VGMuseum and MAMEND, which includes that sequence. Unless there's a difference in that credits scene and I'm missing something?

yt said...

The end credits sequence isn't triggered when you complete the game normally. The standard end of the game shows a Congratulations screen, omits the credits entirely and jumps straight to the SEGA logo and effect.

You have to enter the code I mention above to get this sequence, and I haven't actually seen this documented anywhere.

It's entirely possible other versions (maybe the original Japanese release?) of the game show the credits sequence without the code. And it would be interesting to hear of any differences you are aware of.

Play through the game and let me know your findings.

OptimusPrime said...

Yes, that's what happened, that I played whatever version MAME had like 6 or 8 years ago and it probably has the credits unlocked without the need of a code.