Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LayOut 0.11 - First Track & Source Code Release

Supper has created a track with LayOut and it plays quite nicely for a first attempt. You can try the track using the latest CannonBall from the command line:

cannonball -file test.bin (where test.bin is the name of the LayOut track to load) 
Head over to the forums to check it out.

I also released a new version of LayOut with some minor bug fixes for issues raised here

The source code has also been added to github here. I'll add some compilation instructions when I have time. Please note that for now I've only tested with MSVC 2010 and Qt 5.1, so it probably won't compile on other platforms out of the box yet. 


ptitSeb said...


I have successfully compiled LayOut on the Pandora (using QT 4.8.4 and Linux). I had to make few #ifdef to adapt to QT 4, but it works.

The mainwindow too big for the small pandora screen (800x480), so I'll see if I can reduce a bit the mainwindow.

yt said...

Ha - that was unexpected! Is it usable? Does it even run ok?

ptitSeb said...

Yes. It looks ok, but my editing skills are close to 0 :(

Look here for screenshot: http://boards.openpandora.org/topic/11068-cannonball-the-enhanced-c-outrun-engine/page-12#entry296233

I resised the UI for it fit the screen. I looks usable.

Also, I wanted to grab the test track on the forum, but it seems to have desapear after the database corruption.

yt said...

Can you upload the images to a free image hosting site? I don't have a login to that forum!