Thursday, May 01, 2014

Super Mario meets Super Hang-On

This is a fun hack from Adrian Smethurst. As might be expected, it turns out that the audio engines for Super Hang On and OutRun are very similar (both FM synthesis and PCM sample playing). With a lot of patience and some reference to these blog posts (which I never expected anyone to find that useful), he managed to replace one of the tunes in Super Hang-On.

He actually inputed the new music by hand - brave man! Adrian adds:
I downloaded the sheet music from and set about on the most pointless 8 hours of my life!  You can get away with doing that when you're only doing one track for a bit of fun, I wouldn't recommend it for anything more than just that though!
Adrian has also been working on some fun hacks using the OutRun Enhanced tools. I'll post these at a later date once I've integrated them in the package. 


Kungfu Steve said...

Although its somewhat blasphemous to put a Nintendo tune into a Sega game :P ... as well as the music really no fitting the game style... Its great to see the possibility of developing new tunes for the original hardware. Hopefully a very accomplished composer will add some great tunes to future versions of the game. :) I look forwards to hearing about the other hacks / additions. ^-^

Unknown said...

I need to get my hands on this enhanced tool