Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Restoration - Boardset

I pulled the PCB out of the machine and connected it with my test harness to a CRT TV. After sitting in a garage unused since the 90s it was surely never going to work?

I couldn't believe my eyes - it booted up and everything seems ok. Maybe I won't need that spare PCB after all. There's a bit of an audio hiss under the sounds but that's it. I'm going to leave it running for a bit to see if it explodes. ;)


matt said...

Result! Best of luck with this.

Unknown said...

I must admit. Outrun always seems better looking on a crt..

barito said...

Looks like your PCB is "unprotected" (CPU without the suicide-battery) which is good to say the least ;)

yt said...

Very few OutRun PCBs have a suicide battery. If you find one, congrats, as you have a real rarity. Turbo Outrun is another matter of course!

Either way, its pretty easy to unsuicide a board these days thankfully. My TO original battery is still ticking though, but I doubt for much longer.