Friday, April 14, 2017

AfterBurner 2: Enhanced Edition

AFTERBURNER celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, so it seemed fitting to produce an ‘Enhanced Edition’ to offer the definite experience to fans of the original.

AfterBurner 2: Enhanced Edition (AEE) is a set of 3 replacement EPROMs intended for use on the original arcade hardware. It is a plug and play solution and no hardware modifications are required.


  • Stage SelectStart the game from any stage
  • New Music Tracks: 2 new music tracks from Hiro himself
  • High Score Saving: The high score table is retained even when the game is powered off
  • Working Freeplay Mode
  • Attract Mode Sound Options
  • Software Dip Settings: Change all settings in software


This is free to owners of the original arcade cabinet. If you would like a copy, please grab a photo of you and your machine and fill in the following form.

Full documentation here

Full gallery of happy customers 


Unknown said...

Excellent work Mr. White! On behalf of all After Burner 2 owners around the world I'd like to say a big thank you to you for taking the time to do this. The enhancements add value to what is already a cool game to start with. Well done!

yt said...

Thanks Adrian!

Helder Borges said...

Mr. White I'm really shocked with all this Gorgeous Work.
I'm trying to use your Sega System 16 Sprite Viewer
in my computer Windows 10 to take Altered beast sprites but I just Cant get any result
I really like to ask you this favor I'm doing an research about this game and I Want to see the sprites stuff according with a user Rahan said... I'm about a half a year late, but there's a bunch of interesting unused stuff in Altered Beast
It could fill some gaps in my Research
my email

Mr White thank you for all your effort.

Charles Kline said...


I sent you a PM on KLOV (I'm not on ukvac)

Can I send you an email if you didn't get it?


Unknown said...

I'm close to purchasing the A.B. II Upright arcade. After sending you the selfie with arcade as the OWNER, do you still make your/the eproms? Thank you.

yt said...

Yup. I either provide the files for you to program your own EPROMs (free). Or I can post you the EPROM chips for a fee.

Ml1981 said...

Do u still program these chips I just came across this

yt said...

I don't program the chips myself (mainly due to the time it takes) but can refer you to people who do.