Wednesday, April 29, 2020

OutRun: Enhanced Edition 2.02


OutRun: Enhanced Edition is a set of 7 replacement EPROMs intended for use on original OutRun arcade hardware. 

It fixes many bugs present in the final official codebase (Rev. B), and introduces new features to extend the life of the game, including: 

  • Working Free Play Mode
  • High Score Saving
  • Additional High Score tables
  • 3 additional in-game audio tracks
  • Best Track Time (aka ‘Lap Time’) records
  • New and old course layouts
  • Software DIP Switch support
  • Cheats - including infinite time and the ability to disable traffic
  • Optional car handling modifications

Full documentation and installation instructions

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Jon said...

Hi! I really like the work you've done on OutRun and want to thank you for keeping this game alive and updated. I've recently decided to do
a full restore on an OutRun I've owned for 20 years so my kids can enjoy, and am excited to try out this updated version. Before I do that though I've recently been having issues with the sound on the original board. I had to reprogram OPR-10187, and 10188 thru 10103 check out fine... Still, in the original test menu, I'm missing sounds 1-4. I thought it was the Yamaha chip, and I got a new one and piggybacked it, but I don't think its the Yamaha either. I saw you made a newer memory test program - would this memory test help to diagnose this missing sound issue?
I am a software developer, so I'm good with understanding the software side - but some of the old school hardware stuff I am relying on your posts and Delusionals Arcade on Youtube.


yt said...

Jon - The memory test program won't test the Sound RAM unfortunately as it can't be accessed by the main CPU.

The problem could lie in a number of areas. If you have an audio probe, I would check the output pin of the YM2151 and ensure you can hear something playing. Then follow the signal through to the op-amps. It's possible an op-amp might have gone, which is common. By using this approach you can determine where the signal stops.

If you are unable to fix the PCB, I recommend retroclinic here in the UK to service it for you. Mark is very efficient with these boards and offers great customer service.

Costa Rica Pinball said...


I'd like to register, but I do not own a full machime, just 2 outrun pcbs and the whole steering system as both cabinets were damaged. Do I qualify?

yt said...

Sure, as long as it's running on original hardware. Just photo your PCBs and mech and fill in the form. Thanks.

Costa Rica Pinball said...


Costa Rica Pinball said...


Do I need JEDEC or Mask EPROMs to burn the new program?

yt said...

Yes, JEDEC. I've not seen non-jedec 27c256s/27c512s myself - do they exist?

A Mask ROM would indicate that it was programmed by a factory. You need to program the chip yourself, so you need an EPROM.

Either way, the documentation contains links to example NOS ICs that are correct.

Unknown said...

Hi there, love the enhanced version of outrun, but I’m having an issue where the preview music is always set to off. From the extra settings page, the preview music is set to off, I can’t manually change it to on. And from the full install I believe the default should be on. I’ve tried everything, even re-checked my jumper set to R2. Any help would be appreciated.

Ken N.

Andre said...

Just need to reset all settings. If does not work, reset each individually. Worked for me

yt said...

Spoke to Ken on e-mail and resolved the problem. Was essentially bad data in backup RAM caused by a problematic previous installation. :)

RalphUp said...

Hi yt, I love CANONBALL and have always loved Outrun, one of the BEST racing games ever!
I would love to try the enhancements out on a real arcade machine, maybe one day I will have the means and the space to house a full arcade machine, silly question, I know you have worked really hard on this, will this ever get a public released to be included in MAME at all?

yt said...

No MAME release I'm afraid, mainly because Sega have a commercial version of OutRun on the Switch and 3DS that is currently available to purchase.

Therefore, this is targeted purely at retro hardware to avoid any conflicts of interest. If you grab the Switch version you'll have many of the same features at your fingertips.

RalphUp said...

understand, I have purchased every version of Outrun / Outrun 2 I can for the systems I own
Spectrum, Amiga, Sega Master System, Megadrive, GBA, 3DS, Switch, PC, XBOX, PS2, PS3 I buy a lot of arcade ports of Sega Racers, favorite at present is the Virtua Racing on Switch!

SpyderHangOn said...

Not sure if this is still active, but was recommended here to upgrade my Super Hang-On and that this sega Enhanced would work. Is there specific instructions for Super Hang-On vs Outrun?

Costa Rica Pinball said...


Question, do you think is possible to have Outrun running at 60fps in the original pcb or is it a hardware limitation?

Thanks and greetings from Costa Rica!