Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally, my gold plated Ferrari is here!

In my unending quest to fill my house with OutRun related junk, I picked up the following Sega OutRun branded gold Ferrari:

The seller had this to say, I've no idea how accurate this information is with regard to the number produced:

Rare Sega "Out Run" Commemorative Ferrari 1986
Custom cast, gold plated, all metal scale model Ferrari Testerossa
Approx. 4 3/4" long x 1 1/8" high and weighs about 1.5lb
Fewer than 100 were produced and presented to the top tier arcade game distributors.
The model's exterior rear view mirrors while no longer attached, can be easily re-mounted and are included with the purchase

The only other information I can find this, and in fact the only other mention of it I've come across is on the following webpage

The only information I know about it is that it was given out by Sega, apparently as part of a trophy to retailers who sold copies of Outrun. The back of the car, right behind the rear window, "OutRun" is engraved in it, and the license plate says "Sega". The bottom also has a nut on it, which is a definite indication that it is the top piece to some kind of trophy. After I bought it 8 years ago, I have never been able to find any other information on it since.

Intrigued, I asked for a bit more information and it seems they were samples for an advertising promotion:

They were salesman samples so they are quite rare, They were made to show Sega some of the advertising possibilities they could choose from and I got them directly from the salesman who had them made. He tells me they were never displayed, only passed around by top executives at Sega.

A gold plated Golden Axe branded axe was also thrown in with the bundle.

Does anyone else own one of these? And does anyone know whether it was in fact part of a trophy?

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Unknown said...

I have one on eBay right now but mine does not have the trophy connection part, why is that