Sunday, December 05, 2010

Road Layer and Slave CPU Code Converted

The entire code for the slave 68k CPU has been ported. This CPU solely controls road generation and interfacing with the road hardware. It's probably the most complex area of the game code. As expected, debugging the code was relatively painful. The code now needs a considerable clean-up, but I'll do that once more of the game code is hooked up, to ensure it's more obvious if I break something whilst refactoring.

The following screenshot shows a section of curved track using both road layers on Coconut Beach. You can begin to see that all the elements are coming together and we're now in a position where we have the building blocks to rewrite the higher level code.


Unknown said...

hi, i am totally facinated by your out run project. i am also obsessed by this game. its for me the best game ever. i do own a arcade machine and two arcade pcb :-) i just want to know everthing about this game and especially about the source code. do you have some news about the slave cpu code? is it written in c as supposed?

yt said...

Came to the conclusion that it's written in straight assembler. The style is quite different to the main cpu code though.

I believe this is because it is code from a shared library that was used between games. Very similar code appears in Super Hang-On.

Had a break from the project over the last month - was needed. But will be getting back to the rewrite soon.

Unknown said...

i am impressed. i wished i had the skills to do that. unfortunately i am not a pro in programming. well, i am a child of the 80th and have some good skills in 6502 assembler and some basic skills in 68000 assembler as well and some average skills in c(++) but for sure its not enough to do this kind of project. so it was really fun for me to study the documented source code. i hope we can swap ideas and informations. best regards from germany