Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Crash Bang Wallop!

All collision and crash routines are ported.

So where are we with the project? Well, amazingly, the entire core game engine is now ported and fully working! Wooo! (It's amazing to me, when I think back to starting this impossible task a few years ago). 

There's still plenty to do before the initial port can be considered done, even if the remainder is somewhat easier. Let's take a look at what's coming next in no particular order:
  • Bonus sequence code. (This is going to be easy, but quite boring to port unfortunately)
  • Start sequence code. (Ferrari driving in from side, countdown lights and man waving flag)
  • Attract Mode AI
  • High Score Screen
  • Course Map Screen
  • Game Logic (Timers, HUD, Switching between various game modes)
  • Music Selection Screen (Somewhat started)
  • Attract Mode (Some areas started)
  • Service Mode (For completeness!)
  • Sound
And then we can move onto the optional enhancements, and the features that make this project really exciting. 


Anonymous said...

One of the things I loved most about Out Run- Where other games had explosions, minor spin outs and an occasional turn-over, Sega outdid themselves with this. Wipe outs were just as enjoyable as pulling off lane changing drifts through tight corners. Absolutely classic details unfortunately missing from the later sequel OR2.

I still find the original to be superior, as the environment played a huge part of the driving experience and was much more than just a pretty backdrop. If Sega ever does another Out Run, I hope they bring this aspect back.

I'm looking forward to your future mods and options!

Jeff said...

Great work! Any chance of another beta release soon?

yt said...

Yes, I can certainly release another Beta soon if there's interest.

Would be good to get some people to play through the game to see if they can spot any bugs I may have missed :)