Monday, September 24, 2012

Raspberry Pi Progress

Here's a screenshot of the OutRun engine running on a Raspberry Pi. The display is being output on X11 via SSH. It hasn't been tried on the native Pi display yet. 

I've decided to name the OutRun engine Cannonball, after the 1981 Cannonball Run film that Yu Suzuki was inspired by. 


bluepillnation said...

Ah, but unlike Cannonball Run, your co-pilot is a lot easier on the eye than God (or even Dean Martin, for that matter)

[Sorry - lame movie reference]

Can't wait to play with the source!

yt said...

I loved the Cannonball Run as a kid. It's an awful film really, but nostalgic to watch.

It was funny to realise that one of my favourite childhood games was connected to one of my favourite films of the era too.

The source is up on a private github repository now. It's not quite ready for general consumption yet. Did you have something specific you wanted to do or try?

bluepillnation said...

Check your email... :)

Unknown said...

I started with Cannonball on the PI last night and have very little success so far. :-/

I have in mind to create an .IMG file of a minimalistic Raspbian installation which boots directly into Cannonball running in SDL DirectFB-mode. To have an instant arcade for your pocket ...

RIght now the binary crashes on X11 (seems like bug inside libSDL) and just renders a black screen on DirectFB, tho. What is the setup you are/were using?

yt said...

Marcus: I'll speak to the chap who did the original port to see if I can get you the setup he used.

If you e-mail me (see my response to your original posts about the Mac port) I will try to help.

Can you successfully compile and run the SDL test program that comes with SDL?

Unknown said...

I was able to compile simple test programs and run them on the PI in both directfb and X11 (both local and forwarded by ssh -X).

BTW, I dont have your email address and clicking on the symbol in your blog doesn't work either. :-)

yt said...

Marcus, the reponses I mention are here: