Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Space Harrier Bootleg Cabs

It's always fun to see the effort bootleggers went to, to completely reproduce an entire arcade game. Here are two rare, and different, examples of a Space Harrier upright. 

Here's the first. Note the unique marquee and dubious side art. The Space Harrier logo is incomplete. The Sega logo is completely missing. The shading details are omitted.  Presumably this was converted to Enduro Racer at some stage, hence the handlebars.

Here's the second. This sports a Sega logo and the side-art is much more accurate. But there are many cabinet design differences from a genuine upright. For example, the screen bezel is completely different. The marquee is a different size, clipping the artwork. 

Here are the PCB stack and internals. Those familiar with the original boardset will note the additional daughter boards to replace various Sega customs. Overall, a lot of effort went into this reproduction. 

You can see other bootleg Sega cabs here

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